Educator Training

Our dynamic educator programs engage teachers, support staff and administrators using equity and anti-oppressive frameworks to disrupt prejudice and discrimination in schools.

Harmony Movement can assist schools to better meet the objectives of Ontario Ministry of Education equity initiatives.

Addressing Harmful Language

In this 3-hour training, educators explore the importance of equity and inclusion, equipping themselves with the language and tools necessary to confront prejudice and discrimination within their school community. Through engaging activities, participants will reflect on their teaching methods, aiming to foster positive and inclusive learning environments for every student. They will gain the confidence and skills to challenge harmful language and discriminatory practices, cultivating a safer and more welcoming atmosphere throughout the school.

Participants will learn to challenge and transform ideas, actions, and practices, rooted in anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and culturally responsive approaches. With a focus on addressing harmful language in classrooms and across the school community, the training provides a space for open dialogue and mutual learning, fostering empathy and understanding among participants. By incorporating equitable approaches into their daily teaching, educators will enrich the learning experiences of all students, embracing the goal of inclusive care practices that celebrate the diversity of student experiences.

Building Inclusive School Communities

Participants will be guided through a process of self-awareness, examining ingrained beliefs and behaviors that may inadvertently create barriers to inclusivity. Through critical conversations, individuals will learn to recognize the potential impact of these beliefs, or biases, within their school community and develop strategies for mitigating their effects.

Through knowledge building, self-reflection, and open dialogue, participants will cultivate a greater sense of community engaged in the collective responsibility of fostering a more inclusive environment. We aim to create a community of educators who build bridges of understanding and embrace the importance of inclusion to create a learning environment that reflects and affirms the diversity of student experiences, where each student feels valued and welcomed. 

Session length: 1.5 – 3 hours

Leadership in Equity and Inclusion

Harmony Movement provides educator training on fostering equitable and inclusive classroom and school environments.

Our programs provide participants with the tools to better understand how issues of systemic inequity affect students and other educators and to work towards becoming proactive leaders for social change. We provide a range of programming opportunities including:

  • Train-the-trainer for educators and administrators on Equity 101
  • Educator workshops (topics and duration catered to your school or board needs)
  • Keynotes and breakout sessions

Whole-School Approach

A whole-school approach helps create long-term impact for a safe, equitable and inclusive school environment. Harmony Movement will provide consultation and strategic planning for school administration to develop a multi-semester program that is sustainable, engaging and transformative.

The whole-school approach will bring together many or all of the components from our programs and conferences, with emphasis on the aspects of student leadership, peer-mentorship, and program legacy. This program can also be combined with appropriate levels of equity training for administrators, educators and staff.

This program goes beyond a “one-size-fits-all” approach to bullying and harassment in schools, addressing the underlying issues of inequity that can lead to unsafe and unwelcoming learning environments.