Job Posting: Program Facilitator- Adult Education

Harmony Movement is seeking a part-time equity and inclusion adult education specialist to be a contract program facilitator. The successful applicant will work closely with the Harmony Movement team to develop and deliver programs and workshops that address fundamental equity and diversity issues. Our programs explore personal and group identities, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, media literacy, historic inequity in Canada, and personal empowerment, as well as taking leadership for equity, inclusion, and social change. This position reports to the Director of Programs.

Inclusive Schools Action Network now accepting applications

Are you an educator or school administrator passionate about creating inclusive school communities? Are you looking for more opportunities to drive conversations around equity forward? Are you interested in creating a network for educators to share best practices, collaborate and support each other? Does the idea of participating in a community of like-minded education staff get you excited?

Apply today to participate in our Inclusive Schools Action Network.

Harmony Movement Board Posting

Harmony is seeking three (3) Board Members who can support the organization to realize its vision and mission. Specifically looking for individuals with experience in schools, youth voices and individuals with fundraising expertise.

Inclusive Schools Advisory Group now accepting applications

How do we create meaningful change? How can we approach others with understanding, even when we do not agree with them? How do we promote harmonious interaction and cooperation amongst all people? For over 25 years, these are questions that we have been asking ourselves and communities across Canada in our pursuit of promoting diversity and inclusion. It is with this spirit that we are excited to announce that Harmony Movement will be relaunching our operations this year.