Workplace Programs

Harmony Movement’s workplace programs are tailored to meet the needs of the diverse groups of participants. In our interactive workshops, participants will explore the benefits of equity and inclusive practices while gaining the language and tools to challenge stereotyping, biases and discrimination. 

In each session, participants will explore the benefits of recognizing and embracing equity and inclusion and develop skills to identify and challenge bias and discrimination that lead to unwelcoming workplace environments.

Workshops we have delivered include:

We have worked in a wide range of settings including in the construction, media production, environment and cleantech, engineering, and human services sectors.

PLUS as a non-profit and registered charity by working with us you are also helping support our work with youth and in schools. 

Diversity and Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In this half-day session, a Harmony Movement facilitator will work with staff to build a foundational understanding of equity and inclusion, and how to integrate these ideas into their everyday personal and work life. By participating in this session attendees will:

  • Increase their understanding of concepts of lived experience, intersectionality, personal lenses and unconscious biases
  • Enhance their awareness and knowledge of equitable approaches in workplace and community settings
  • Reflect on how they can challenge inequity and discrimination as an individual and as part of the workplace through their thoughts and actions

Anti-Bias + Anti-Harassment Training

In this session, workshop participants will work with a Harmony Movement facilitator with a focus on improving communication and understanding between diverse groups in a workplace setting. By participating in this session attendees will:

  • Expand their understanding of the concepts of identity and intersectionality
  • Build an understanding of personal biases and how to challenge them
  • Review anti-harassment policy and reflect on practices, integrating considerations around power dynamics
  • Learn what to do or how to respond when issues around equity or harassment arise

Reshaping Organizational Culture, One Courageous Conversation at a Time

In this workshop, participants will work through multiple scenarios to practice having courageous conversations within their organization. As a group, we will discuss strategies for responding to inequities, and reflect on each individual’s strengths and skills to help build a more inclusive workplace environment for all. Through this workshop participants will explore:

  • What do staff, managers and senior leaders need to feel their presence is valued, recognized and meaningfully contributes to the organization?
  • What are some strategies to respond to discrimination and exclusion in our workplace and the broader community we serve?
  • How do I “practice” equity and how can I integrate it into my organizational culture, activities and the wider community? 
  • What activities would be most valuable to focus on in building my personal cultural competency for equitable and inclusive practice?

Leadership in Equity and Inclusion

In this workshop session focused on leadership development, participants will engage in personal goal setting for integrating equitable and inclusive practice into their everyday personal and work life. Participants will reflect on how they “embody” equity and how they can integrate equity into their workplace culture, activities and the wider community. Through this workshop participants will explore:

  • What qualities make a good leader? What kind of leadership qualities can I cultivate personally?
  • What are some challenges we are currently experiencing that present barriers to diverse representation in leadership?  
  • What are some successful strategies and examples for developing diverse leadership and equitable and inclusive practice throughout our organization?
  • What steps can I take to cultivate diverse leadership in our organization?

*The Leadership in Equity and Inclusion workshop is not intended to be an introductory conversation into the work of equity and inclusion in your organization. As a result, this session requires the completion of the DEI in the Workplace workshop as a prerequisite, or at minimum a full-day training that will combine the two sessions.

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