Students & Youth

Through interactive workshops, youth are made aware of the impact of prejudice and discrimination and are empowered to take action to address these issues within their schools and communities. Some of our programs include:

Our youth programs and workshops are customized to your school’s needs. All our programs include an initial consultation, evaluation, report, and debrief.

SHSM Anti-Oppression and Allyship Training

This half-day certificate program can be delivered in-person or virtually and is customized to the industry focus of the student’s program. This certificate is an eligible elective for all SHSM programs. 
Program content includes:
  • Introduction to the concepts of intersectionality, stereotypes and bias
  • Forms of discrimination including overt, covert and microaggressions
  • Going beyond ‘diversity’ in the workplace
  • What is allyship and how to be a good ally
  • Moving from allyship to solidarity
  • Confronting discrimination in the workplace and engaging in courageous conversations
A brief assessment will be conducted at the end of the program. Each participant will be provided with a certificate upon program completion.

Diversity and Equity Workshops

Harmony Movement’s interactive education workshops engage participants through games, multi-media activities, and group discussions to introduce them to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion while developing their abilities to take leadership for social change. For up to 30 students.

Through our programs participants:

  • Build awareness of prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and bullying
  • Explore the concepts of power and privilege
  • Reflect on the role of the media in our society
  • Build leadership skills to build unity in their schools and communities

Harmony Movement can tailor these workshops to meet the specific needs of your school. Our workshops provide a broad overview of equity and inclusion topics, or can be adapted to focus on a specific theme.

Empowering Student Voice

Our Empowering Student Voice Program is designed to support students in creating and implementing sustainable initiatives for safer and more inclusive schools. Harmony Movement facilitators will work with a group of students to formulate a concrete action plan and implementation strategy to set their initiative into motion.

This program includes:

  • Identifying the issues to be addressed
  • Providing students with a space to share their experiences of the school community
  • Reviewing what resources are required and are already available
  • Planning the steps involved in taking action
  • Outlining the distribution of tasks and responsibilities

The action planning program is followed by up to eight hours of virtual consultation and implementation support.

Student Conferences

For up to 120 students, our conferences provide a space for young leaders to engage in deeper reflection on the concepts of intersectionality, equity and inclusion. Students will learn strategies to take action against equity issues in their school communities. Students will participate in various community building activities and activities that support overall mental wellness.

Program purpose:

  • Amplify student voice and experience to empower students to take action as leaders within their school community
  • Explore concepts of intersectionality, biases and solidarity
  • Engage in communal storytelling and other community based activities in order to build bridges across differences and strengthen the sense of unity amongst students
  • Understand steps involved in action planning and begin preliminary steps of addressing a particular equity issue