Virtual Youth Leadership Development Opportunity

Applications now open for the Social Changemakers Leadership Series

The deadline to apply is extended to September 22, 2021.

What is the Social Changemakers Leadership Series?

Delivered completely online, this immersive conference series will bring together young leaders from across Canada from a range of backgrounds, faiths, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, including Indigenous and Francophone youth. The leaders will network, build understanding, and create connections with each other. They will examine the current state of diversity and inclusion and identify issues they want to address in their local communities. The program will include speakers, workshops, virtual field trips, and individual and group reflections!

What Will The Social Changemakers Conference Series Look Like?

The Social Changemakers Conference Series will be delivered completely online to avoid any financial, geographic, medical, or accessibility barriers that participants may face. The Emerging Leaders (ages 18-24) will design the contents of the conference, but the general topics include how to progress diversity, equity, and inclusion in communities. The Youth Conference portion will bring together student teams (aged 14-18) to learn how to identify issues and take actions to create positive change in their schools and communities.

Some potential workshops include:

  • How to become an accessibility champion
  • LGBTQ2S+ allyship
  • Promoting systemic change to improve mental health
  • Islamophobia and human rights

Potential In-Person or Virtual Tours Include:

  • Canada Human Rights Museum
  • Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Deaf Culture Centre
  • Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
  • Pier 21 Museum

Who Should Apply?

There are two streams to the Social Changemakers Leadership Series.

Emerging Leaders

The SCC will bring together 26 Emerging Leaders (ages 18-24), two from each territory and province, who have demonstrated commitment to advancing equity and inclusion within their communities. These leaders will collaborate to plan and facilitate a virtual conference series for high school youth. Emerging Leaders will meet biweekly to prepare for the SCC from October 2021 to January 2022. Emerging Leaders will facilitate their conference series to Student Teams and Youth over a multiple-week period in January 2022, under the mentorship and guidance of the Harmony Movement staff. A small honorarium of $100 will be paid to each Emerging Leader for their participation. See the full role description.


Student Teams

Student Teams are composed of five youth (ages 14-18) from each province and territory, in addition to one adult monitor/supervisor for each group. Student Teams will attend the SCC to expand their understanding of Canada’s history, their own identity, and take action to improve their communities. These youth will engage in the SCC for multiple weeks in January 2022, facilitated by the Emerging Leaders team under the mentorship and guidance of the Harmony Movement Staff.

Applications will open for Student Teams in November 2021.

Once accepted, student teams will be required to pay a $25 participation fee.

Funded by the Government of Canada