Inclusive Schools Action Network

Harmony Movement is currently accepting applications for participants in our newest initiative!

Harmony Movement is committed to creating more equitable and inclusive schools. We understand that to have the most impact we need to support educators, administrators, and the entire school community on an ongoing basis. In order to do this work most effectively, we need to establish a community of leaders. These leaders will guide this work, provide feedback and collaborate on initiatives to make real change in our schools.

The Inclusive Schools Action Network will work with Harmony Movement to build a community of educators and administrators from across Canada that are committed to advancing equity and inclusion in school communities. This will be a strategic body that will identify, develop, and assist in the implementation of strategic initiatives reaching out to a wider educator community. The goal of this group is to select and drive forward actions that will result in more equitable and inclusive school communities. 


The purpose of the Inclusive Schools Action Network is to create more inclusive school communities by:

  1. Sharing best practices and coming together to advocate and strategize.
  2. Advising Harmony Movement on the nature and content of school programs to maximize their impact and effectiveness.
  3. Collaborating with Harmony Movement to develop initiatives, create content and other resources that will support educators.
  4. Work to establish norms of equitable and inclusive educational practices across the education sector in Canada. 

Code of Conduct

Members of the Inclusive Schools Action Network commit to the following principles:

  • Committed to mutual respect, and fostering connections
  • Challenging and reflecting on ideas
  • Committed to ongoing learning and development
  • Committed to building understanding and assisting each other in the learning
  • Confidentiality and good faith conduct


The Inclusive Schools Action Network will be a volunteer body under the organization of Harmony Movement. Harmony Movement will be in charge of leadership, organization, and facilitation of the group. Harmony Movement will value and integrate feedback provided by the group on an ongoing basis and will be open to the direction of the Inclusive Schools Action Network.

The group will meet virtually monthly, with smaller working groups meeting on an as-needed basis.


The following is a list of potential activities the Inclusive Schools Action Network could support. These will be further developed in discussion with members.

  • Annual Educator’s Equity Conference Planning and Support
  • Review and feedback on Harmony Movement’s school programs and activities
  • Identify systemic barriers to inclusive schools and develop solutions and strategies including advocacy, resources, and actions.

Be a part of the change...

Join the Inclusive Schools Action Network

Collaborate, participate, and drive forward initiatives to create better schools for students, educators, and the communities they support.

Apply by clicking the link below OR email a resume and cover letter outlining why you would like to participate to [email protected].