Harmony launches our first crowdfunding campaign

Help us empower the next generation of leaders to combat hate in Canada

Support our work so we can empower young people to disrupt hate and take action to create more inclusive communities.

Over the past several months the division in our society has become more evident. Issues of racism, colonization, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination are impacting youth and causing harm in our communities. This work has never been more important.

Hate crimes in Canada continue to rise and we hear weekly new stories of another racist parking lot rant, a hijab being ripped off, or worse. 

These are complex issues, but we have a part of the solution which is empowering youth to challenge discrimination, and hate, and build bridges across divisions in their own communities. 

There are many amazingly passionate, intelligent, empathetic youth across this country, but they need the skills and training to take their work beyond being kind and holding bake sales to the next level to amplify their impact. 

That’s where you come in! 

Harmony Movement has developed the Social Changemakers Leadership Series to empower and inspire 156 Emerging Leaders and high school aged youth across Canada from January – March 2022. Through this program youth will…

  • Build their knowledge on the history and current state of inequity in Canada to learn from the lessons and successes of the past
  • Learn through conversations how to connect and build understanding across differences
  • Gain action planning skills and engage in mentorship models

…giving them what they need to disrupt hate and create thriving communities where diversity isn’t just tolerated, but celebrated!

But we need your help!

We are currently recruiting our Emerging Leader and Student Teams, but we need sponsors to support their learning so we can ensure the program is as impactful as possible. 

Donors will get regular updates on the initiatives that come out of the program and receive stories about the knowledge, skills and experience the youth are gaining by hearing directly from them. 

Even a small donation helps!

Donations are eligible for a tax receipt. 

Can’t donate now? Please spread the word on social media, send an email or share on WhatsApp.

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