Harmony Movement is re-launching!

How do we create meaningful change? How can we approach others with understanding, even when we do not agree with them? How do we promote harmonious interaction and cooperation amongst all people?

For over 25 years, these are questions that we have been asking ourselves and communities across Canada in our pursuit of promoting diversity and inclusion.

In our student conferences, educator workshops and community presentations, Harmony Movement formed vital connections across Canada and changed how people understood diversity and empowerment.

"We learned so much from [Harmony Movement] through student and staff conferences and workshops. Thank you for teaching us about race and racism, your commitment to developing social changemakers and igniting student voice."

~ Christine Battagli, Niagara Catholic District School Board

This work has been incredibly rewarding and transformative. However, due to provincial funding cuts in 2019, we could no longer sustain our robust operations. As a result, Harmony Movement was forced to temporarily suspend the work of our organization. 

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, we have seen a resurgence of violent racism and a society that continues to grapple with the inclusion of “them” into our culture and community. 

The work of Harmony Movement requires our attention and dedication now more than ever.  It is with this spirit that we are excited to announce that Harmony Movement will be relaunching our operations this year.

"Harmony was a game changer when it first arrived on the scene, it has had a long-term, significant impact on tens of thousands of students and educators in the province."

~ Chris D'Souza, Equity & Human Rights Strategist

We understand that challenging injustice is part of reimagining a better world for everyone. 

We see the big vision, but what concrete steps do we as an organization and board want to take moving forward? 

In the next twelve months we will be working to:

  • Establish a community of EDUCATORS and provide resources to build inclusive classrooms, while addressing the systemic barriers impacting success.

  • Provide opportunities for marginalized YOUTH to network, get training and create change in their schools and communities.

"Harmony was a pivotal part of my high school experience and has made a big impact on my life and career path."

~ Sahana Harji, Policy Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action

We cannot do this work alone. We need champions and supporters.  We need advocates and partners. Join us.

Here are ways you can support this vision:

  • Volunteer with us.

  • Donate. Any amount helps, but we are in need of dedicated monthly donors. Your contribution helps us cover restart costs and assure other foundations, funders, and grantmakers that we have a pool of support.

  • Contact us. Email Shafiq Aziz, Director of Programs to bring a program into your school for students or educators, or discuss collaboration as a non-profit.

  • Follow us. We are on TwitterFacebookInstagramLinkedin. Participate in the discussion, and share the news.

The strength of Harmony Movement has always come from its whole-picture approach, these issues don’t stand alone and the people creating a reimagined world can’t stand alone either.

We will stand with you to reimagine and recreate this world together. 


Cheuk Kwan Signature

Cheuk Kwan
Executive Director