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promotes inclusion challenges discrimination celebrates diversity builds community

Harmony Movement programs give people the tools they need to create more inclusive schools and communities. 

Through activities youth and adults learn to challenge discrimination and build bridges across differences.

Calling Youth!

We are looking for 130 youth ages 14-18 who are passionate about creating more inclusive, just communities. Join us March 4-6 for our virtual Social Changemakers Conference!

Interested? Make a team of five youth to get training on how to create change in your community. Participants will hear great speakers, learn about inequity and discrimination, and connect with other youth from across Canada. 

Apply by January 31, 2022.


Help us empower the next generation of leaders to combat hate in Canada

We need to act now to address racism, colonization, and all forms of discrimination in Canada. Harmony Movement is working with 156 youth from every province and territory, empowering them to make change in their local communities.

We are working to raise $20,000 for this program!