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How do we create spaces where everyone belongs?

It starts by recognizing biases and challenging social constructs to create respectful, inclusive environments for all.  From racism to discrimination to bullying, our training gives people the tools they need to embrace diversity and create more inclusive schools, workplaces, and communities.

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Harmony Movement is a leading provider of diversity and equity training programs. Our interactive workshops help participants understand the importance of challenging inequity and biases, and gives them the tools to create change for a more inclusive world.

Students & Youth

Tailored for students and youth, our interactive workshops focus on the impact of inequity in our lives, and build skills to take action in their schools.

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Teachers, Staff & Administration

 Designed for educators and staff to help create a long-term safe, equitable, and inclusive school environment for all.

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Parents & Caregivers

From unlearning biases to addressing bullying, to becoming an ally – you’ll learn how to create a safer, inclusive space for all to learn.

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Community & Workplaces

Through open conversations, you’ll gain the language and tools to challenge prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination to make real change.

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With interactive workshops, virtual training and custom programs, Harmony Movement can tailor a program that fits your needs.

Ready to Support Diversity and Change?

You can empower youth, educators, and schools to take action and create more inclusive communities today.